• Myopia • Hyperopia • Astigmatism • Presbyopia • Cornea and ocular surface • Study of the dry eye • Cataracts • Glaucoma • Ocular genetics: Genetic test of glaucoma, other genetic tests • Pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus • Oculoplasty: Cosmetic and ocular facial and cosmetic surgery • Retina • Uvea / Uveitis • Neurophthalmology • Complex surgeries •Psychological attention to visual loss • Ocular Traumatology

A multidisciplinary team of specialists

Dr. Alicia Verdugo

Coordinator of the Unit of Glaucoma, Refractive Surgery and Presbyopia of Visioncore

Dr. Hugo Blasco

Coordinator of the Retina Unit, Refractive Surgery and Presbyopia of Visioncore

Elena Carlavilla

Optometrist specialized in progressive glasses (Visionlent Optics)

Carlos Pedroviejo

Optometrist specialized in multifocal contact lenses

• Corneal refractive surgery (excimer laser). LASIK / LASEK / PRK

• Phakic intraocular lenses

• Surgery of presbyopia (trifocal intraocular lenses)

• Cataract surgery

• Corneal Surgery: Corneal Transplant, Amniotic Membrane Transplant, Pterigium Surgery, Intrastromal Rings, Corneal Cross-linking

• Retinal and vitreous surgery: scleral cerclage, microincisional pars plana vitrectomy (23, 25G), intravitreal anti-VEGFT injections

• Glaucoma Surgery: Classical Trabeculectomy, Non-Perforating Deep Sclerectomy, Trabeculectomy with Express® Implant, Drainage Valves, XEN Implant

• Surgery of the eyelids, orbit and lacrimal ways: Blepharoplasty, ptosis surgery, eyelid malposition surgery

• Eye and facial aesthetics: fillers, collagen inducers, elimination of dark circles, mesotherapy, injection of botulinum toxin

• YAG Laser Capsulotomy

• Iridotomy with YAG Laser

• ARGON laser

• Autologous serum-Endoret-PRGF

• Graduation

• Gonioscopy

• Campimetry

• Previous and subsequent face topography

• Endothelial cell count

• Pachymetry

• Macula optical coherence tomography

• Optical nerve optical coherence tomography

• Anterior segment optical coherence tomography

• Endothelial cell count

• Color test

• Stereopsis test

• Ultrasonic Biometry

• Interferometry biometrics

• Schirmer test

• Genetic study of glaucoma

• Retinography

• Eye ultrasound

• Taking intraocular pressure

• Study of the lacrimal ways

• Contact Lenses

• Corrective glasses

• Study of the dry eye

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